Getting started

A detailled example can be found in tutorial. The folder test_cases contains examples that you can adapt to you needs. You can find more information about the cases within the respectives README.rst file.

Shoud you be interested by batman’s implementation, consider reading introduction.

If you encounter a bug (or have a feature request), please report it via GitLab. Or it might be you falling but “Why do we fall sir? So we can learn to pick ourselves up”.

Last but not least, if you consider contributing check-out contributing.

Happy batman.

How to install BATMAN?

The sources are located on GitLab:


The required dependencies are:

Appart from OpenTURNS, required dependencies are satisfied by the installer. Optionnal dependencies are:

  • Antares for extra IO options
  • sphinx >= 1.4 for documentation
  • ffmpeg for movie visualizations (n_features > 2)

Testing dependencies are:

Extra testing flavours:


OpenTURNS and ffmpeg are available on conda through the conda-forge channel.

Latest release

batman is distributed through conda, on the conda-forge channel.

To install conda:


To install batman through conda:

conda install -c conda-forge batman

All the above dependencies are automatically handled by conda, except Antares.

From sources

Using the latest python version is prefered! Then to install:

git clone
cd batman
python install
python test
python build_sphinx

The latter is optionnal as it build the documentation. The testing part is also optionnal but is recommanded. (<30mins depending on your configuration).


If you don’t have install priviledge, add --user option after install. But the simplest way might be to use a conda environment.

If batman has been correctly installed, you should be able to call it simply:

batman -h


Depending on your configuration, you might have to export your local path: export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/bin. Care to be taken with both your PATH and PYTHONPATH environment variables. Make sure you do not call different installation folders. It is recommanded that you leave your PYTHONPATH empty.

Help and Support

About us

See authors and project history at: about us.


If you use batman, come and say hi at Or send us an email. We would really appreciate that as we keep record of the users!


If you use batman in a scientific publication, we would appreciate citations.